Salvatore Insana

Salvatore Insana, RED CARPET


Italy 2019 // 11.30 min. // HD 16:9

Red Carpet is one of the chapter of Die Macht_of ignorance and other ghosts, a work conceived in collaboration with the music composer Alessia Damiani. Stars devoured by flashes. Champions of the media overexposure, reference models of a dominant aesthetic, the actors and actresses on the red carpet show themselves in all their smiling ghostly splendor, lit up intermittently like the flashes of distant explosions, explosions of meat suspended in the air. Does the firing squad immortalize you today and not kill you? What changes?


Salvatore Insana continues his research among moving images, performing arts and other forms of revision and erosion of the imaginary, he has collaborated with numerous dance companies, musicians and sound artists and his works have been presented in at festivals, museums and art galleries in more than 30 countries.