Mikio Saito

Mikio Saito, Big Black Nosebleeder

Big Black Nosebleeder

Japan 2020 // 1.09 min. // HD 16:9

The koala is in a state of being blocked in all directions. It seems like we are now in a panic because of the pandemic of the new coronavirus, the accompanying economic crisis, natural disasters and wars. The green background represents the background behind any scene in the world.

The idea was from „Cape Feare,“ a 1993 episode of „The Simpsons“ that features a classic stepping-on-a-rake scene. The voice of Koala was performed by Munich Artist Stephanie Müller, a member of beisspony.

Mikio Saito, ELBOW LIFE


Japan 2020 // 7.19 min. // HD 16:9

It’s a story where a fantasy and reality are confused, about the boy who started using his elbow instead of his hands after the pandemic of covid-19, who lacks conscious awareness of wearing a mask and who plays Frisbee with his girlfriend to take social distancing.


Mikio Saito (born in 1978) is a Sapporo-based visual artist. Graduated from University of Waseda, Tokyo, Japan (2000) and Städelschule (Mark Leckey Class), Frankfurt, Germany (2007) and holds Meisterschule of Fine Arts.