Michel Pavlou

Michel Pavlou, Le chantier

Le chantier

Norway 2020 // 3.09 min. // HD 16:9

Scene of street paving work, in single and frontal view. A crystalline presentation (according to Deleuze) of the event where the present is composed at each instant of fragments of its immediate past and future The image of the yard turns out to be the yard of the image’s continuous diachronic capture/construction.The workers become part of the puzzle they are building.

Michel Pavlou, balling-up


Norway 2019 // 2.50 min. // HD 16:9

A patchwork of football game scenes, superimposed on each other at a rhythm of a waltz. As long as the ball remains elusive, the bodies fuse together in their adversity and the harsh duels between the football players, turn out to be tender, unrehearsed, lightning choreographies.


Michel Pavlou (Greece 1960) is an Oslo based visual artist and filmmaker whose work has been shown and awarded since 1990, in numerous exhibitions and festivals worldwide. Graduated from the Hight School for Visual Arts in Nancy, (France) he gained numerous grands, supports and fellowships for his visual researches, by international institutions, including the Norwegian State’s Guaranty Income for Artists (since 2011). He is co-founder of Atopia (Oslo 2003-2017) an artist’s initiative in Oslo, dedicated to the research on experimental film & video art.