Manon Pichon

Manon Pichon, Quarantine contact

Quarantine contact

Austria 2020 // 0.59 min. // HD 16:9

Quarantine contact is a video created during the COVID 19 lockdown in April 2020.

The all video, performance and music has been done by myself, Manon Pichon. Living alone during the lockdown and « social distancing »; I missed the physical contact with my friends and relatives: that was my starting point.

We all realize me miss something when we do not have it anymore, and I realize I miss hugging people even if I am not an extravert and extra social people myself. I want to express in this video this feeling of touch, raw, animal, which is emphasizes by the music, almost tribal. It is also an expression of self love and self respect, my feet, back and hands are not perfect. And yet I show them to the world and embrace them.

This visual and poetic piece evolve in an almost abstract work.

Filming alone is also challenging: no one to pull focus, no one to direct you and place you in the frame which also accentuate this raw and imperfect feeling. Same with the music, the main instrument is a clothes basin, believe it or not, which I use to play hand percussion. It was my first time composing a music and we can certainly hear imperfection but I think they serve the video really well, adding a wild touch in it.


I am Manon, originally from France I live now in Vienna (Austria).

I work mainly as a cinematographer. I am interested in the power of images, dance and music as I grew up among these artistic fields. During my bachelor and master’s degree I received theoretical along with practical knowledge necessary to give me the creative freedom to be able to work on every kind of filmic pieces. I lay emphasis on dance videos, music videos, fictions as well as documentaries.

Communication with my compeer is essential to me. My mission is to shape a fluid working process from the evolution of an idea, the capture of images up to the creation of a visual story which will bring a message to the world.