Joas Nebe

Joas Nebe, Out of Sight: The Construction of the World

Out of Sight: The Construction of the World

Germany 2021 // 12.15 min. // 4K 16:9

Flower bouquets are an important part of our culture. You are giving them to every person´s birthday, and at any other holiday, e.g. easter, Christmas, Valentine´s day etc..

Flower bouquets harbor an enigma. Every single branch is expression of the evolutional drive and every single blossom is what evolution describes as final outcome. Why should evolution allow blossoms to exist…? What evolutionary sense do they make?

Flowers in outer space wouldn’t survive, although Japanese florists tried to send a flower bouquet to outer space.

Flowers are representing what we are. Flowers are standing for what we love- even in a pandemic. Flowers are the future, in case they survive…Flowers and blossoms are so fragile.

Water is the source of life. We are searching for water on the moon, on mars, on every planet we are stranding. If there is water, there used to be life. On the moon we found water, on the mars likewise. Water is still essential for flower bouqouts to survive a short period of time on earth. They are cut from their roots. If they don’t get water, they are dead in a minute.

Every flower needs water to survive for a short or longer period of time. Even cut flowers used in bouquets. Nevertheless flowers in a bouquet are dying flowers, even if water allows them to live a little longer than without.

The paradoxe is that cutting flowers are alive but at the same moment they are dead. Maybe this is how the world construction looks like…?

Joas Nebe, The End of the World

The End of the World

Germany 2020 // 2.26 min. // 4K 16:9

The existence of our planet depends on light. Light that comes from the sun. Solar eruptions spread small particles to us everyday. Some day, maybe millions of years from now the sun will turn into a white dwarf and the energy supply will stop. That will be the end of the world.

Based on footage, shot during Mardi Gras final celebration 2018, abstract patterns are produced to remember the meaning of light to all kind of lifeforms.


Joas Nebe, who holds degrees in psychology and literature, is a self-taught artist born in Hamburg but now located in South Germany. After a few years in Berlin, he decided to move south, close to the French and Swiss border. Important exhibits include the artist´s  “Climate Change Cartoons“ on display on exhibition „Letters from the Sky“ which accompanied the Durban UN conference on Climate Change 2011 in South Africa and „Machine Fair“- a film about the mechanical site of a metropolis- shown at Museum of Modern Art, Moscow as part of „Now&After“ screening in 2012. Other film works has been shown at the 25th Festival Les Instants Video (Biblioteca Alexandrina, Cairo), Videoformes Festival 2014 and 2015, Sustain Our Africa, Madatac 3, 4, 5, 6 Competitive Official International Selection (Madrid), Papy Gyros Nights 2016 Hong Kong/ ART_TECTURE, In 24hours: Future Visions (SHIFT:ibpcpa) 2020, just to name a few.