Jacqueline Heeley
Philippe Faujas

Jacqueline Heeley Philippe Faujas, The Long Way Round

The Long Way Round

Ireland 2020 // 13.44 min. // HD 16:9

The intangibility of elsewhere.
Deciphering the unfamiliar.
Rejecting routine.
Turning around to look yonder.
Translating the past into a preferable future to better tolerate the present.
Upending the usual to seize the uncertain.
A time petrifed and lost for ever.


Jacqueline Heeley and Philippe Faujas started working together in 2008 in Barcelona under the name of Visto desde el Zaguán (loosely translated as seen from a doorway/porch) before moving to Ireland in 2013. To date they have made 14 films that have been shown around the world in festivals, galleries and cine clubs. The themes they explore are usually concerned with memory, uncertainty, place and loss.

They shoot mostly in black and white using what could probably termed Lo-Fi/Dated video equipment. Their films are self-funded and, consequently, avail of next-to-no budget. They value the freedom this self-inficted situation provides to develop the stories they want to tell by drawing together the threads of writing, filming, editing, grading and sound construction, although very rarely in this order as each story imposes its particular requirements.