Izabella Retkowska

Izabella Retkowska, ID


Germany 2020 // 2 min. // HD 16:9

The frustration and emotions that a person feels when they have internal conversations with themeselves can escalate. Loneliness and isolation make this dialogue more and more aggresive. In extreme cases, escalation reaches the level of a self-destruction. A combined visual depiction of light, movement and sound, ID explores the relationship between the self and its obsessions.


Born in Poland. H­abilitated doctor of fine arts. Until 2017 lecture in the multimedia graphic design studio at the Graphic Design Department at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń, Poland. At the moment, an independent artist living in Germany. Deals with graphics, creative photography, experimental video and animation. Author of 19 individual exhibitions. Participated in over 100 collective exhibitions and festivals.