Ibragim, FLORA


USA 2020 // 2.10 min. // HD 16:9

Audio / video work created with strong emotional shifts and inner crisis, during studio and live coding sessions. Inspired with an aesthetic attachment to the culture of the Middle East.Visual part of this work explores fluid math model mapped as structures and states onto physical objects. Audio is procedurally generated in custom made software, controlled with gesture input. on top of that there is hard processed persian TAR instrument to provide atmosphere with mystic mid-eastern flow. All together this represents a bounded system, where is all parts: video, audio and Human agents are related to each other to be the one.


Ibragim – experimental animation project runs by curiosity of weird emotional and aesthetic explorations. Our approach is laid for idea to create dynamic interaction systems between sound and video. we use node-based programming software to create bonds and deep maps for instruments to perform and play with it, exploring inner emotional states, and include them in ever expanding interaction system between video, audio, audiance at the same time, realtime.