Arash Akbari

Arash Akbari, Maroon


Iran 2021 // 4.47 min. // HD 16:9

Maroon is a real-time generated audio-visual piece that aims at exploring abstract expressionism to create metaphysical, uncertain, and evolving multiforms. Layers of generative vibrating forms and sonic objects, slowly mold and transform obscure spatial depths which give birth to subliminal abstractions that evoke intense emotions and moods in the viewers. The soundtrack was created by extracting data from the generated visuals and converting them into audio signals and control parameters to drive the audio synthesis in real-time. Maroon is a tribute to the all-time master Mark Rothko.


Arash Akbari is an interdisciplinary artist, based in Tehran, Iran. His interest in dynamic art systems, human perception, nonlinear narrative, and the co-existence between physical and digital worlds compelled him to explore the fields of generative systems, interaction design, and real-time processing. He examines the ways interactive cybernetic systems and their emergent behaviors can evoke concepts, ideas and questions as well as social and emotional responses and impacts. Akbari directs his experimental practices into audio-visual performances and installations, interactive applications, and multisensory experiences.