Antonello Matarazzo

Antonello Matarazzo, The Watchmaker

The Watchmaker

Italy 2020 // 8.05 min. // HD 16:9

A metaphorical journey around the world in the time of quarantine, starting from a country in Southern Italy. It is a reflection on the energy of silence, rediscovered as soon as the collective bustle in which we were immersed stopped.

Director: Antonello Matarazzo
Assistant director: Livio Arminio
Text: Franco Arminio
Sound, editing, effects: Antonello Matarazzo
Music: Fabio Barovero
Voices: Anna Utopia Giordano, Franco Arminio, Antonietta Fratianni
Cast: Franco Arminio

Antonello Matarazzo, Tres Pasos

Tres Pasos

Italy 2020 // 4.58 min. // HD 16:9

Culture, and cultures, are the result of millenary migrations and contaminations. To the rhythm of an imaginary tango, migrants of yesterday and today heap up, images of planetary pain but also evidence of the need to survive, always and at any cost, fleeing geopolitical and climatic injustice.

Director & Script: Antonello Matarazzo
Assistant director: Livio Arminio
Music: Rocco De Rosa
Cast: Tekla Gogrichiani, e con, Rocco De Rosa (pianoforte), Andrea Di Cesare (violino), Pino Pecorelli (contrabbasso), Pasquale Laino (clarinetto), Santi Pulvirenti (quatro), Antonio Franciosa (percussioni), Fulvia Di Domenico (voci)


Antonello Matarazzo, exponent of Medialism, is a painter, director and video artist. His videos have been welcomed in many Italian and foreign film festivals, some of them already proposed his retrospectives. The core of his research is based on the ambiguity between still image and moving, the link between his painting, video and video installations is his tendency to the exploration of introspective and anthropological aspects. His work was showed in the 53° and 54° Venice Biennale.