Andrea Leoni

Andrea Leoni, Geomelodies


Italy 2020 // 5.35 min. // HD 16:9

Geomelodies shows, in an emblematic and indefinite space, geometric forms in primary and then gradually psychedelic colors following one another in constructive swirls and unexpected mixes, driven by a sonic and aesthetic energy that shapes them. The forms are generated, multiplied, aggregated, scattered, transmuted, evoking the tragicomic tangle of life, alternating pre-established models with experimentation of possible multiples before dissolving into an absolute whiteness.

Video: Andrea Leoni
Music: Carlo Leoni – Andrea Leoni
Color Grading: Vincenzo Marinese
Concept: Andrea Leoni – Marina Marino
Post-Production: Gatestudio Records – TTPixel Studio


Born in 1971, Andrea Leoni is a painter, musician and video maker. From the beginning of his research in the fields of painting, graphics and digital art, he has been strongly interested in representing microcosms such as dynamic and geometric core elements as well as in exploring the human world, in line with the surrealist lesson. For several years, he has been involved both in painting and video experimentation, creating visual and sound works dealing with his favourite subjects such as the incessant play of fullness and emptiness, dynamic expansion and calm, and the complex relationship between aspiration and limits, interconnection and individuality.