Andre Perim



Brazil 2018 // 4.49 min. // HD 16:9

INFOTOXICATION, Infobesity or Information Overload is a concept that describes a state of paralyzation caused by the excess of data. The question is “ How much information we can handle?“ From this starting point, the Artist produced a Video-art work creating an imaginary language based on ideograms and spoken language created through artificial means and presented in a vertiginous pace to create an atmosphere of chaos and claustrophobia.


André Perim is a musician, composer, and multimedia artist from Brazil.His work is a melting pot of influences ranging from the ethnic futurism, Afro-Brazilian Rhythms, ambient, psychedelia mixed with a radical criticism of technology. He releases the Albuns Dágua (2014), Dágua ao vivo (2018) and „Side Effects“(2018) this one produced inside an hospial during a treatment against cancer desease. Since 2018 he is also working with sound art and multimedia producing the Video art works „INFOTOXICATION“ (2018), I.D. (2019), TAMBOR (2020), and BROKEN RAINBOW (2020).His work took part in several festivals around he world such as the Digital Art Festival 2019(Bulgaria) and ADAF (Athens Digital Art Festival) (Greece) 2020. In 2020 his work received a review in a special edition of ART HABENS Contemporary Art Review Magazine.